Your healthcare team is there to help you make a decision that is right for you. Do not be afraid to ask questions.

How can my healthcare team help with my fertility options?

  • Family Doctors – Give referrals to breast surgeons and fertility specialists. They can also help manage menopause symptoms and provide basic information on your fertility options.

  • Surgeons – Give information on your breast and reconstructive surgery options. They can also give referrals to fertility specialists.

  • Medical and Radiation Oncologists – Give information on your medical treatment plan including radiation, chemotherapy, hormone therapy and/ or Trastuzumab (Herceptin®). They will have the most accurate information about the type, side effects and timing of chemotherapy and hormone therapy. Medical oncologists can also give referrals to fertility specialists and discuss ovarian suppression with you.

  • Fertility Specialists – Give information on available fertility options including the process, cost, timing, success rates and risks. They will have information on funding for fertility treatments in your province.

  • Nurses, Social Workers, Psychologists – Give social and emotional support and can help you work thorough which fertility option is right for you. Nurses and social workers should be able to connect you to resources on fertility that relate to your specific concerns.

Questions to ask your healthcare team

  1. What cancer treatments will I be receiving?

  2. Will the cancer treatments I receive affect my ability to become pregnant naturally?

  3. What are my chances of becoming pregnant after cancer treatment?

  4. Do I have time to freeze my eggs or embryos before starting cancer treatment?

  5. Where can I get donor sperm?

  6. What is the full cost of the fertility preservation based on my situation and where I live?

  7. Is funding available to me if I decide to complete fertility preservation?

  8. What are my specific risks when taking fertility hormones to mature my eggs before collection?

  9. How long after my cancer treatment should I wait before trying to become pregnant?

  10. Where can I get emotional support to help me before and after my cancer treatment?

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